Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh no! A BLOG!

    I hate the idea of blogging, (no offense to those out there who really enjoy it--your blog is fantastic!). I'm not going to pretend like I have tons of pearls of wisdom to share, or stories that are all that interesting. However, at the request of a many, (alright maybe more like...three people) I will use this as a medium for updating our life. I'll use this first post to sum up what's going.

Currently Steven and I are in Hopewell, Virginia. Steven is temporarily stationed at Fort Lee.

Steven is currently a second lieutenant, and he is finishing up his "Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC)" at Fort Lee. Steven's branch is Quartermaster, (supplies and logistics).

We will be here in Virginia until November 1st, when Steven graduates BOLC. Then we are headed to our  new home in Germany, (Vilseck, Germany---which is in Bavaria). We will be there for two to three years.

I am about 4 1/2 months pregnant. The baby is due is in February, and we will find out whether the baby is a boy or girl in a few weeks.

So far we are enjoying our time here in Virginia. We spend our free time exploring, and going to different restaurants and such. We've been to many museums, battlefields, plantation homes, the beach, etc. We just back from Charleston, South Carolina for Labor Day weekend.

I'll try to post to some video and pictures soon! Until then.



  1. i will read your blog! Miss you! hope all is well and glad you are enjoying your east coast life! LOVE YOU

  2. Don't act like I'm not going to be checking this everydayyyy!

  3. I'm gonna check YOU out everyday Jessie Bear :)

  4. I love you and your blog and I'm so glad you took my advice!!