Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pink or Blue!

I get a lot of questions about being pregnant. I'll answer the top 5. The most popular question is of course, "Well, when do you find out whether it's a boy or girl?" This is closely followed by "Are you going to find out the sex of the baby? Because some people don't you know."  YES, I know some people choose to wait, and that's perfectly fantastic. But for ME, it's like getting two Christmases. So, to answer that question quickly: "HECK YES WE'LL BE FINDING OUT!"

And we did! 

Tuesday we (Steven was actually able to come so it was extra special!) went to the doctor and she informed us it's going to be a girl! Yay! Unfortunately this news comes with a caveat: She was 85% sure it was a girl. Apparently the baby was never in the "perfect position" for her to be able to conclusively say boy or girl, but since she didn't see any "boy parts" and she was looking around for like an hour, chances are: GIRL. But, of course, next month she'll look again. But in the mean time, we are taking our 85% chance. :)

"Well what are you thinking of naming her?" You know, I was SO sure it was going to be a boy. I just KNEW IT. from the beginning. After being only an hour "late," (I've never been late...not by a second) I found out I was pregnant, and thought: It's a BOY. So Steven and I decided on the name Jackson. We called the baby Jackson, I thought about him as a Jackson, you may have even caught a few Facebook posts between me and Jena Carper discussing "baby Jack." So I was completely surprised when the doctor said the baby was a girl. So since we MUST give her a name, we are going with Ava. And we're not sure on middle names yet. I suppose there is still a 15% chance we could indeed be going with Jackson though ;).

"So, how does Steven feel about having a girl?" Well you know, he was really hoping for a T-Rex, or maybe a he was a little disappointed, but overall I think he is pleased. :)

"So are you still sick?" Yes and no. The doctor put me on Zofran, (which I fondly refer to as "Zofriend") which I take twice a day. As long as I'm able to take the medicine I feel amazing! But without it I'm super sick. So I don't take the chance :). With the medicine I can now celebrate food again! and Drink liquids! And essentially: feed the baby!

"Are you nervous to have the baby in another country, without all your friends and family!?" First of all, thanks for putting it that way. I'm not too nervous. Honestly I choose to simply not think about it. I mean, the baby HAS to come out. She can't just STAY in there. So, as long as they can get her out safely, then I don't really care where it happens. My mom is planning on coming up to Germany right before the baby is born, and staying for a few weeks--so that makes me feel better. Plus Steven will get to be there! We were really worried that he would be deployed during the birth of the baby, but now it looks like he will be there. I suppose that could change, but I'm just going to think positive, (I mean I'm sure there are plenty of "those people" out there to think negatively for us! So that's covered). 

Now I know, If you're one of "those people," you're probably brooding over something that I forgot to worry about, or wanting desperately to warn me about some horrible story that happened to your friend's uncle's cousin's niece. You probably already know you're my hero. What would I do without you, dear reader? I just want to thank you for your concern; if you weren't there to worry for me--cause I know ya do!---who would do all the worrying? You have indeed lifted a burden for me. :) 


  1. Well, I just wanted to warn you. This one time when I was pregnant...

  2. haha..Oh Becky :) You know you could never be one of "those people" I miss your face btw.

  3. This is so exciting! Girls are the best. ;) I'm glad you're feeling better. We miss you both.

  4. Meghan you have a blog?! I love it! There are sooo many blogs!! :-) We miss you guys too!!!!!!