Friday, September 17, 2010

"So What Do You Do All Day?"

"So, what do you like DO all day? you do....anything?"

I get asked this a lot. A LOT A LOT. It's a good question. The answer is.....pretty much whatever I want. So, I've got that goin' for me. Basically, I have two options on the table every morning:

"choose wisely!"

1. Take Steven to work, so that I can have the car all day long--and go where the wind takes me. Your probably wondering why I even need a second option, (what could it be?). This seems like an obvious choice. However, Steven leaves for work EARLY. Sometimes he leaves close to 4:30 A.M. (I know, it is indeed obnoxious). In order to choose this option, I too would have to get up this early. I feel like you probably understand the issue here and need no further explanation, so let's move on.

2. Hang out at the lovely Candlewood Suites.
If this is my choice, my day looks like this (don't judge): I wake up-I make breakfast-I watch the Today show-I go down to the little fitness center-I shower-I make lunch-I clean up the room/do laundry-Facebook/call my mom/read/watch Man vs. Food, that show is always on. By the time this is done, Steven is home. It's sounds ridiculously boring, but it's honestly not that bad. The days have gone by very quickly.

You're probably wondering, "Where are all the Army Wives? Isn't your life like the television show?" I know it's shocking--but big surprise--it's nothing like TV. There are no wives. Lieutenants are not generally married. They are all college bachelors. And let's just say, it doesn't look like the enlisted men(who often DO have wives) and the officers do any "mingling." Fortunately I have made one friend, her name is Laura (hey Laura here's a shout out!). She drove up to Virgina from Louisiana on her own, to join her husband, (who is in Steven's class) so she always has a car. We usually go exploring once or twice a week; it's very nice to have a friend.

When I do decide to venture out alone, It's usually to go to doctor's appointments, run errands, "explore the space," and shop. And then Steven doesn't work on weekends, so of course we take that time to go on adventures, (which I'll post about later). Some people often ask me if I ever considered getting a job, (that seems like a waste of time since were only here for a couple months) or finding a class to take, or something. I thought about some options too, but unfortunately there just isn't really anything available in the area, (I told you about the "sketchy-ness" of the area right?). I'm honestly not that bored though. I will say, that even though this process has been frustrating at times, it's been a positive experience overall. I like it. It's fun. And it's also been a true lesson is letting go of the need to control every detail, and to plan every moment. Let's just say, my stress has gone from 80% to 5%. I get less headaches, I drive slower and have less road rage, my skin looks better, (that's probably not related), and generally just feel....happier. :)

Now, if you are one of "those people" who love to warn others about the terrors of  "Life" (you are a JOY by the way!) you are probably thinking in your head right this second, "Oh wow is SHE in for a whirl wind when that baby is born!" Let me take this time to inform you, dear reader, that there is no need to rain on the Royse family parade just yet. I'm under no illusion that this constant state of rest will last any longer than it has to.The baby will be here sooner than soon! Don't you worry-cause I know ya do--it'll be just fine ;).

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