Friday, October 1, 2010

Are You Guys Ever Going to Germany?


We're going. I promise. I know, it seems like all talk and no walk--but we are GOING. I will admit it feels like an adventure that we've been in a process since February to "hurry up and wait" for. But the time is near, dear readers! We will launch into Europe, (YES...EUROPE) in mid November. We are so excited. Jiminy Christmas, we are so excited! The process has been pretty stressful for Steven though. There is QUITE a lot to do before we leave. Unfortunately, I can't be of much help. Nobody of importance wants to talk to the "wife" (fair enough). They only want to talk to Steven; the one with all the authority to get us going. Slowly but surely we are checking things off our to-do list, though. 

We will be headed to Vilseck. Vilseck is a village in Bavaria (yes, kiddos--Bavaria is a part of Germany). Bavaria is a state in the southeast region of Germany. Munich is the capital, (maybe you've heard of it?). Anyway, we'll be stationed at a base located outside Vilseck, (remember---the base is like a big gated community; and that gated community is essentially America--not Germany). 

Vilseck has a population just over 6,000 people. It's 25 square miles, (that's intensely "village-y")Here are some photos:

Gosh it's cute! I bet it's filled with little gnomes! 

I haven't been able to find too much information on Vilseck. Most of what appears to be helpful websites are all in German (naturally...go figure). So, I suppose I'll find out what it's like when I get there. Then again, that's probably the best way. Now I'll answer some FAQs.

"Are you going to learn the language?" Well...let's just say I'm not going to rely on everyone to speak english to me. I don't know "fluent" I can become in 2 or 3 years though. 

"How long will you be there?" two to three years.

"Will your baby have dual citizenship!?" No. I get asked that a lot. Here's a surprising fact: there are really only a handful of countries that honor dual citizenship. Germany is not one of those countries. While the U.S. would not mind if the baby was a citizen of the U.S. AND Germany simultaneously, Germany would be horrendously jealous--and stop talking to us. Hence, no dual citizenship. 

"Will your baby be a U.S. Citizen?" If you have asked this question....don't feel bad. Sometimes we all need a review of basic information. YES. The baby will be a U.S. Citizen. The only thing you need to be a U.S. Citizen is:

- One or both parents are U.S. citizens
- You were born on U.S. soil.

(Oh yeah, and if you marry a U.S. citizen, or you legally obtain U.S. citizenship)


"Will you live on base?" Maybe. It's a little too early to tell. When we get to Germany we will have a few weeks to find a place to live if we do not live on base. Base housing is not actually "guaranteed." There are factors that create a "waiting list." Housing is based on rank, size of family,location, availability, etc. So, we aren't sure what will be available for us in Vilseck. We may have to wait to live on base. OR we could enjoy a cute German cottage! That's my romantic view anyway. 

"SO.....what will YOU do when you get to Germany?" Well since you asked--I'll be unpacking for awhile. I'll be preparing for the baby. And then when the baby arrives I will take care of the baby...and maybe take some online classes, (I haven't decided). I'll also be exploring--naturally. Cooking, marathon training, (after the baby of course!) and hanging out with Steven! 

"Wont you get bored?" Hmm. Maybe. I don't know. Fortunately it doesn't take much to amuse me :).

Please come visit dear readers. We would love to have you. Even if you're one of "those people." ;)


  1. sounds like such an adventure! i'm jealous! (and super excited for you!) i am so glad you are so positive about the whole ordeal!

  2. i'm pretty sure that military bases count as US soil, so your baby will be a US citizen many times over.

  3. You are correct, Sally. The bases are basically America.

  4. I love reading letters from Blayne…I know you must be so excited to get on with you’re the Royse’s Great Adventure!
    The pictures you posted are beyond lovely! You will have so much fun exploring! I must admit I was a bit sad after reading the most recent letter, though. I did not know you would be gone 2 to 3 years  How am I going to give this baby kisses and hugs when you are so far away– don’t want to wait until she is 3 years old! SO, I am going to hold out for a trip to Germany-may begin encouraging it now. Duane has been talking about visiting Germany for many years because his ancestors are from there. He has an active and ongoing interest in discovering who they are and from whence they came! He often bores me with the stuff he reads out of these 2 gigantic Crider books – one even has my name in it! Maybe, just maybe, we can go to Germany while you are there. (How long does it take to fly to Germany?)
    Back to your move: I hope you get to live wherever you want to live, but I love your “romantic” view of living in the village. Something you said made me smile because it reminds me of me…It doesn’t take much to amuse you so you won’t get bored. This is a gift, isn’t it! I didn’t realize what a blessing it is until I talked to a friend about her vacation and she found having a cup of coffee on her patio in the mountains boring. Hmmm…doesn’t get much better in my book. There is no way you will be bored, anyway, because your sweet bambino is going to keep you so happily busy and amused you won’t have time to be bored! xxooMrs.Crider

  5. Oh Mrs. Crider I would SO love for you to come visit us in Germany!! I think it's like a 14 hour flight, so brace yourself lol! But I do completely agree with you about the coffee on the patio in the moutains--I don't think it gets much better than that either, (but I do love coffee ;) ).