Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We're Coming to America

The time has come! Time to visit family and friends! Time to celebrate American Christmas!
We are leaving for Oklahoma on December 5. I can't wait. I can not even wait. I can't wait to:

1. Eat mexican food. It's been a year since I've devoured chips and salsa.
2. Go to the movie theater. Yeah--it's been a year.
3. Not think about trash."But Blayne--that is NOT very 'green'." OH--whoops, I forgot to care!
4. Wear smaller clothes. Sizes run smaller here. I can't wait to feel thinner than I actually am!
5. Watch live television. Again--it's been a year.
6. Go to Wal-Mart at 3:00 a.m. Just because I can!
7. Speak english to everyone. My native tongue!
8. Go shopping! We spend a lot less money here because of the exchange rate. So, we have budgeted some obnoxious splurging for America.
9. See family and friends. It's been so long since I've seen everyone; I can't remember who I'm in a hugging relationship with. Guess I'll just have to hug out.
10. Friendly drivers, and a safe driving experience. (I feel like this speaks for itself).

But I'll miss Germany. It's home now.

1. The Schertl's. One day I'm going to do an entire blog dedicated to all the help the have given us. Brace yourselves now, because it will be a long blog.
2. Cafes. I've gotten really used to the part of the day where we "stop and have a coffee." Which for me ends up being at least twice.
3. Leisurely pace. I've also enjoyed the very, "take your time" lifestyle here.
4. Adult Beverages. Germany has excellent beer and wine. Excellent. And even a wine girl like myself can get on board with the beer here. Because it is indeed that good.
5. Bread. Nobody does bread like Germany. Nobody.
6. H&M. I love this clothing store. It's not new or anything--and USA has a few of them too, (nowhere close to where we'll be). Here they're everywhere. Inexpensive (sort of) and attractive.
7. The Schertl's (I'll mention them again)
8. Driving fast.
9. Our Home. I work pretty hard these days warding off lawlessness and disorder.  And I've made it so that I enjoy every space in our home. And, therefore, I am going to miss my space.
10. Old German Women--Old German women are always so warm, and kind (I'm not being sarcastic). They never ever speak english. A lot of the conversational German I've learned is from my routine encounters with these ladies:

German woman: To Ava: Oh! Kleine Maus! So suss! Du bist glucklich!" ("Oh! Little mouse! So sweet! You are happy!") 

Then they start asking me questions--in German. Whoops. So, I just listen for a few key words:

alt (old), Madchen (girl)

After I hear those words--I know they've asked me if she is a girl, and now they're wondering how old she is. SO--before they figure out I'm America, (they already have) I rattle off the following:

"Ja! Sie ist ein Madchen. Sie heist Ava. Sie ist neun monate alt." (Yes! She is a girl. Her name is Ava. She is nine months old)

Then they think, "Oh! Mommy speaks German!" (no she doesn't) and they start saying more things, and I smile, nod, and say "Ja" a lot. Then I say:

"Ja, sie ist sehr mude. Wir mussen gehen." (Yes, she is very sleepy. We must go.)

Works every time.

We can't wait to see you! Our calendar is relatively open, but we plan on spending a tremendous amount of time with family for sure. We'll be staying with my mom in El Reno, and then venturing to Norman and OKC, and a little bit to Tulsa.

So anyway, our flight leaves Nuremberg on Monday morning at 6:00 a.m. Then, after a grueling one million hours of travel--we'll be in Oklahoma at 4:30 p.m. (I might have overshot it with one million hours--but, somewhere around there). People are asking me if I'm worried about traveling with Ava. I'll answer that with a loud and proud "YES!" But, I'm just refusing to think about it. Because, it doesn't matter what I do, and it doesn't matter what happens on the plane--WE HAVE TO FLY WITH HER. She's too small to really "prepare" for. I can't just sit her in the seat and hand her a coloring book. So, I'm going to pack a few distracting toys, but I'll leave it at that. Hoping for the best.

But I'm sure our fellow passengers will just be SO excited to see her! "Oh! Yay! A baby is flying with us for 7 hours!" So...they've got that goin' for them...which is nice :)

We'll have traveled far...WITH a home...and WITH a star...SO, with that--Take it away Neil Diamond.


  1. Your blog always makes me smile (and usually laugh at some point), which means I look forward to it for many reasons =) Can't wait to meet Miss Ava and see you both again!

  2. fantastic post!!! the exchange with the old german ladies was definitely my favorite part of this post...

    and i'm so glad you are getting to come home for a bit! have a fantastic Christmas!!!

  3. :) So excited to have you home SO soon!

  4. Eek! I love your blog. I can't wait to see you and meet Ava, I hope, when we're in Norman...the Thursday after Christmas.

  5. Well, I can't wait to hear you speak German. There is something about that language that I just may sound like a Nazi! LOL BUT, I really can't wait to see you, Steven and that sweet baby Ava!!!!

  6. Safe travels!! It sounds like your about to experience an exciting new chapter in your life!

  7. I love you open-minded and enthusiastic you are about German culture. I LOVELOVELOVE traveling and will never understand those who like to stay put and set in their ways.

    Experiencing life in another culture has to have its challenges I imagine, but it's so amazing that you get to live what so many dream about.

    Best wishes traveling with baby! :)